Our goal is to breed Standard Poodles with the proper genetic background so our red and apricot puppies hold their color when they grow old.


Our Guarantees

Ron and Aida Vrooman, have been the owners of Standard Poodle Puppies of Oregon since 1995. They have 19 years of experience, starting with their 8 year old daughter, D'Andria, and her first poodle, Roxanne. Although they didn't breed Roxanne, they fell in love with Standard Poodles. Then, in 1998, they got Alana, their first breeding female. They shared breeding and birthing as a family experience,  falling in love with the whole process, and seeing the little puppies they brought into this world grow into great canine citizens. As of today, they have had 12 litters and 72 puppies in total.

*Member of the Columbia Poodle Club

*An affiliate of the Poodle Club of America

*Registered with the American Kennel Club

Standard Poodle Puppies

Healthy Happy Puppies

Happy, Healthy Standard Poodle Puppies, raised in our home. Nature and nurture, our puppies have both. We are very careful with our breeding. We provide the very best care for our pregnant females. From whelping to home placement, our puppies are loved.

Standard Poodle Puppies of Oregon 

Explanation on Inheritance "Genetics"


5th generation  Standard Poodle Puppies raised in our home.


  • Sire and dam have all health testing and certificates
  • House trained and crate trained
  • Conformation and temperament testing results enables us

        to place the correct puppy with the proper owner

  • 8 week vet examination with results
  • Well socialized with adults, children and dogs
  • Provided stimulus to insure development and growth
  • All puppies sold on contract
  • Health and temperament guaranteed